Best Practices Award

Every year, Public and Private Business, Inc. (PPBI) honors an individual, a corporation, or a public entity by presenting them with the PPBI Best Practices Award. The award recognizes those that exemplify superior leadership in furthering the understanding and development of the relationship between the public and private sectors in planning, practices, or response to a critical incident. Additionally, the recipient must have exhibited the positive aspects of partnerships that work.

2012 Best Practice Award to Dr. Mangeri PDF Print E-mail

Private & Public Business, Inc. (PPBI) honored Professor Anthony Mangeri, CEM, assistant professor, manager of fire and emergency services initiatives, American Public University System for superior leadership in furthering the understanding and development of the relation between the public and private sectors in communicating, planning, and developing processes and practices for emergency management and response to critical incidents.

Professor Mangeri’s selection was unanimous by the PPBI Board of Directors based upon his outstanding contributions to the field. Professor Mangeri was awarded this honor with a presentation of a plaque at the Disaster Recovery Journal’s Spring World Conference in Orlando on March 27, 2012, by PPBI Chairman Deidrich Towne, Jr. and Dr. Tom Phelan.

BBPI Awards 2011 Best Practices Award to CDC Foundation PDF Print E-mail

Charles Stokes, CEO CDC Foundation Receives PPBI Best Practices Award

PPBI awarded the 2011 Best Practices Award to the CDC Foundation for their development and presentation of a series of "Meta-Leadership Summits" around the states.  These Summits, lasting a full day, bring together leaders in the public sector, business sector, and non-profit sector in a community, discuss the dynamics of leadership in a community, and then present these leaders with a scenario that has serious continuity and readiness impact for the entire community.

Each of these sectors then develops a list of the things they would need in such a scenario, a list of the things they could contribute in such a scenario, and a list of things they would have to have in place to receive or contribute.  The final hour is a compilation of pledges from each participant of what they will do in the next year to contribute to the overall readiness and preparedness of the community.

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Sahana Sofware Foundation Receives PPBI Best Practices Award PDF Print E-mail

Mark Prutsalis of Shanan Software Foundation accepting PPBI Best Practices AwardMark Prutsalis, CEO and President of Sahana Software Foundation received the Private and Public Businesses, Inc. (PPBI) Best Practices Award at the Disaster Recovery Journals' Spring World conference at Walt Disney's Coronoda Springs Restort in Orlanda, Florida, USA.   The PPBI Best Practices Award is awarded for exemplary planning practices or responses to a critical incident.   Sahana Software Foundation under the leadership of Mark provided the coordination and support activating Sahana open source disaster managment software withing 48 hours of the Haiti Earthquake.   

The Sahana disaster managment system is a web based open source collaboration tool that addresses the common coordination problems during a disaster from finding missing persons, organization registry, managing aid, managing volunteers, inventory management, situation updates, tracking camps effectively between Government groups, the civil society (NGOs) and the victims themselves.

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